A. The sole purpose of this website is to connect the public with a genuine team of doctors and help the people suffering from heart disease in the right way.
Many people want an expert second opinion and we will provide it.
Many people cannot afford the price of consultation or investigations or further procedures or surgery and we will help them via  www.bhf.org.in
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A. It is the choice of the people to select their doctor for future treatment. We have been verified genuine by International agencies including Google.
we encourage You to read the testimonials from our live patients who have utilised our services and are satisfied. You may contact them. We are truthful and transparent.
We do not compete with other hospitals or doctors. we compete with our own self.
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A. We have realised that the blessing given to us by the needy is our real wealth.
Moreover, there are only three options for wealth:
1-Give it away.
2-Leave it unused.
3-Share it with many.
The third option is satisfying and creates a lot of goodwill.
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A. The answer is NO. I feel that human body is not for sale and medicine is not a commercial thing.
If at all other doctors are doing this commission business, I do not know personally and it is their choice and karma to do so.
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A. I have physically performed four (4) open heart surgeries in a single day. I may be able to do five or six open heart surgeries per day but it would be tiring
and it would be unfair to the patients as my mental and physical abilities would not be optimum.One can perform even 15 to 20 surgeries in a day if one has a
big team of doctors and technicians who can do part of the operation and then finish the surgery later.My mentor, Dr Denton Cooley used to perform about 30 to 42
cardiac operations per day in his heydays(peak) @ Texas heart Institute.
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A. The medical equipment of Indian ICUs is similar to that found abroad but the operation theatres abroad are little bit better designed for safety and cleanliness.
The staff training is comparable and paramedical staff is more trained abroad.
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A. Currently, my personal success rate is about 99%. I am a mature, highly trained, experienced, skilled and calm professional worker who knows to do his job well.
With my current confidence, I humbly declare that I am as good as or even better than any cardiac surgeon in India or even abroad.
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A. OK. so patients will naturally feel surprised that how can a single person perform such a huge variety of operations;
I was trained intensively to perform lung operations in the nineties, subsequently, I have focused more on cardiac and vascular surgery.
Moreover, if I feel that I am busy with multiple assignments and that my friend or colleague will perform some kind of operation better, I simply refer the patient to another doctor.

A. Sure, just write an e- mail or visit our facebook page or twitter OR SMS and We will try our maximum to help you out.

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A. write an email or SMS.

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