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To perform/ promote at least one charitable heart surgery everyday locally (Gujarat) or globally (abroad).

To spread charitable heart surgery in Gujarat(India) and abroad(internationally) utilizing supreme quality of care, competence and

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Q.1. What does BHF actually do?
Ans- BHF actually helps the needy patients who suffer from heart disease. This implies correctly diagnosing the heart disease and then guiding the patient in the right direction for medical management vs surgical intervention.


Q.2. Why do you have this motto : Kaam Humara and Daam Tumara ?
Ans- It means that Service is ours and Price is yours. It implies that the patient chooses the price at which he wants to get his heart surgery done. If he is poor, he may say that he can spend only Rs. 5000/- for coronary bypass surgery whereas the market cost of this procedure may be 12 to 15 times more than this. In such a case our organization will arrange for the remaining funds and make it possible to get his surgery done.
If a similar patient says that he can afford only Rs. 25,000/- for the same surgery, then we will make sure that the remaining money is paid to the hospital in order to get his surgery done. So the patient gets his surgery done at his affordability without any financial stress to his household.


Q.3. How does one know that the money donated to BHF has been used correctly?
Ans- It is a strict policy that the BHF administration will use the money donated for the patients benefit only. Also, the money donated will be put online for everyone to check. If X donates money for a patient A's surgery, then X and A can both track online the money donated and donor X can ask our office as well contact beneficiary A directly to verify the funds used for A's surgery. Moreover, the collection point is State Bank of India and anyone can check on that in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


Q.4 How is the waiting list decided for the needy patients awaiting heart surgery?
Ans- The waiting list is prepared on a first come first served basis. The patients will be given sequential numbers and later on communicated about their date of surgery.


Q.5 Why do you call it charitable heart surgery?
Ans- It is charitable heart surgery since this kind of work is being done with a good intention and a zeal to give back to the society. It is NOT free heart surgery since the patient gives some money, which he or she can afford for the surgery.


Q.6. Can some patient cheat BHF by claiming to be poor and saying he can only afford a lower price than what he really could have?
Ans- Such a situation may arise once in a while and BHF will try to let go such incidents since this is God's work and no bitterness should spoil this work.


Q.7. What kind of other services can we expect from the BHF apart from heart surgery?
Ans- Currently, we have two centres doing diagnostic services at almost half the market price. We perform ECG, 2D Echo and heart check up with consultation for Rs. 400/- on a Monday and Thursday ( Please register by calling the phone numbers in CONTACT).


Q.8. Is there a different price for the rich or foreign or more affording patient?
Ans- The price remains the same, no matter from which region the patient comes. The patient can decide the affordability for one's self after seeing the services offered.


Q.9 From where do you get the funds?
Ans- There are donors from all over the world who are eager to help provided they know that good work is being done genuinely. Also, we have several events and shows planned to generate funds for this noble cause.


Q. 10 Does BHF help all kinds of patients??

Ans-  BHF helps all people and does not discriminate against caste, creed, color or race. BHF gives suitable discount  ( charitable heart surgery) to all kinds of patients and arranges appropriate diagnostic procedures and surgical operatrions in various graded hospitals nationally. We even help patients and their relatives for a guided tour of the city and facilitate medical tourism in appropriate cases.

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